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What is BDDC ?

Bethlehem Municipality believes in the Palestinian and Bethlehemite cultural identity, and wishes to foster a clear vision to reconnect Bethlehemites all over the world with their home fellows, encouraging them to have a role in the development of their homeland. Thus, Bethlehem Municipality, along with the Municipalities of Beit Jala and Beit Sahour created an initiative; the Bethlehem District Diaspora Convention (BDDC), to invite all Bethlehemites living in the diaspora to come visit their homeland and reconnect with their roots.


The first BDDC was held in Bethlehem City in October 2016. The convention's main objective was facilitating investment opportunities in Bethlehem and surrounding areas to create an enduring and sustainable local community. It hosted around 80 participants from the Americas, mainly Chile, where they gathered and explored opportunities of investment in Palestine.


As a continuation, and Being aware of the value the diaspora presents in the world, and the importance of the diaspora for Bethlehem as a human capital, the Bethlehem Municipality, in cooperation with Beit Jala Municipality and Beit Sahour Municipality, will host the 2nd BDDC between July 11 – 14, 2019, in the city of Bethlehem. In BDDC II, Bethlehem Municipality invites the diaspora to come strengthen the links with their homeland and ancestors, and invest with their stock of knowledge, education, experiences and creativity to develop Bethlehem on all levels.