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BDDC II is dressed with the slogan "راجعين يا دار" which means We are coming back to home. Many Bethlehemites left their homeland seeking opportunities in the diaspora, but their lineage and blood carry them back home, to cherish history, and renovate and build the future with the existing local community for a beautiful prosperous Bethlehem.

The logo represents a door of an old house, opened to welcome back the owners of the house; the people of Bethlehem in the diaspora. The olive tree is one of the most beloved trees in Palestine and is a symbol of existence and connection to the land. As for the dove, it symbolizes Noah's dove, which was sent to look for a land, and it came back with the good news "راجعين يا دار".

So we welcome you back home at BDDCII. We aim at gathering Bethlehemites in the diaspora, in their hometown Bethlehem in July 11 – 14, 2019, to reconnect them with their roots and develop a sense of belonging, provide them with the opportunity of participating in the development planning of Bethlehem and offer them a heart and mind delighting trip.

In BDDC II we focus on revealing and bringing onto the table the sociocultural and developmental subjects of Bethlehem District. BDDC II will provide the opportunity for the Palestinian diaspora to be partners with the local community in planning for Bethlehem's development in the most vital topics such as environment, socio-culture, politics and economics, as well as for planning and promoting the program "Bethlehem th Capital of Arab Culture 2020".

Also, in BDDC II we are providing the opportunity for the diaspora to get to know and trace their lineages and history through free of charge genealogy tours, for those who are interested.

In conjunction with all that, we are working to offer you a rich and diverse experience that meets the needs and desires of all generations, abounding in heartening social gatherings, culinary delights, adventures and much more of entertaining activities.

We await you in your beloved homeland. Come to explore Bethlehemite heritage and history, engage in the decision making, and celebrate Bethlehem of today.